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Three To See 2-8 Jul: Funny Stuff, Musical Stuff, Theatrical Stuff and More…

By | Published on Friday 28 June 2024


Garret Millerick and Stevie Martin | ArtsDepot | 4 Jul
I’m oh so excited, and actually a little oh so panicky, about the fact that edfringe is very clearly coming into view on the horizon, so it seems apt to start not just with some comedy, but some Edinburgh Festival preview stuff. Here’s a lovely preview double bill for you, comprising shows from TW faves Garrett Millerick with ‘Needs More Space’ and Stevie Martin with ‘Clout’. More info on the venue website here.

Ed Byrne: Tragedy Plus Time | Soho Theatre | 8-13 Jul
Well, this is someone who has been a big comedy name for some time now, so I’m not sure you need me to recommend him exactly. But, given that it’s increasingly nice weather and you might all have stopped looking too hard at the comedy listings this week, I thought you might appreciate the heads up. This is a very highly acclaimed show – and hilarious and dark as well as moving – so don’t miss your chance to see it. Click here.

Janine Harouni: Man’oushe | Stratford East | 6 Jul (pictured)
“Janine thought she knew her family. Then she took a DNA test and things got messy”. Another already acclaimed comedy show for you, Edinburgh Comedy Award nominated, as well as receiving lots of stars – in which Harouni explores “her Arab roots, pregnancy and what happens when your mail order DNA test does not go to plan”. It’s being filmed for a stand-up special, see this page here for more.


Dorian The Musical | Southwark Playhouse Borough | 4 Jul-10 Aug (pictured)
Yay, musical things. I think we’ve had a few musical tip sections of late, haven’t we? Well, at least one, I reckon, in the last month or so. Anyway, tune-fans, here are three possible treats for you, starting with this modern, queer take on Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Picture Of Dorian Gray’ featuring a glam-rock score, in which a young musician becomes a sudden overnight success. Find out more about it here.

Medea Gosperia | The Cockpit | 2-20 Jul
Another interesting take here, Greek tragedy in the form of a jazz/gospel opera. It’s a female led production from Thee Black Swan, who have set the classic story of Medea against a Caribbean backdrop, “fusing the complexities of the female experience with the rich heritage of the Caribbean culture”. Expect tense drama and an epic emotional journey – head to the venue website here for more info and to book your tickets.

The Children’s Inquiry | Southwark Playhouse Elephant | 8 Jul-3 Aug
Right, we’ve tipped one musical at the Southwark Playhouse in Borough, now let’s head to Elephant for another. This time ‘The Children’s Inquiry’, which is described as “a call to arms about the value of childhood and how love can be found in the most unexpected places”. It’s based on true events and tells the stories of children growing up in care. See the venue website here for all the details.


Possession | The Space | 2-5 Jul
Right, a number of theatrical treats for you this week and they start right here: “In a remote Devon cottage, in the heart of Dartmoor, two lovers away from the city to celebrate an upcoming debut art exhibition. A storm outside intensifies as the late-night drink, drugs and occult speculations mount, a thin line between love and possession is crossed”. Which all sounds rather dark and intriguing, don’t you think? Click here.

Wreckage | King’s Head Theatre | 2-7 Jul (pictured)
“Sam and his fiancé Noel have been together for years. They have a house, a cat and their whole lives ahead of them. But when a sudden and permanent distance crashes into their relationship, it falls upon Sam to discover where their story goes from here”. A return to London for this highly acclaimed and poignant show that I’ve pretty much definitely tipped at least once before. Don’t miss it this time, click here.

Alison Skilbeck’s Uncommon Ground | OSO Arts Centre | 3-5 Jul
Alison Skilbeck is someone whose work we’ve seen and loved up at the old edfringe, and she’s a real talent, so rest assured this will be a goodie. ‘Uncommon Ground’ was created during the lockdown, inspired by people the creator saw during her daily permitted outing to Clapham Common. Expect tales of love, life, death and more. Head to this page here to read more about it and to book your tickets.


London Clown Festival Opening Cabaret | Soho Theatre | 8 Jul
Right, final leg of the journey, and I have one of those there mixed bags for you. And of course, everything in it is good. This one’s especially exciting because it heralds the start of the London Clown Festival and that can only be a good thing, right? I’m planning to talk about more of the line up next week, but first up, why not celebrate this opening night event that will offer you an exhilarating taste of what’s to come? Click here.

How To Catch A Star | Polka Theatre | 3 Jul-11 Aug (pictured)
“Once there was a boy who was always looking up. He dreamt of having a star as a friend. This is the story of his adventure”. We haven’t had anything for the kiddies this week, so now’s a good time to rectify that. This is an adaptation of Oliver Jeffers’ book, delivered via the media of puppetry, original music and storytelling. It’s for your little tots aged three to five, find out more about it right about here.

The Greatest Play Of All Time | King’s Head Theatre | 2-6 Jul
With a title like that, it only felt fitting to finish this week’s tips with this one. “Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you turned every one of your intrusive awful thoughts into a play? It would be ‘The Greatest Play Of All Time’. Join two actors navigating the writing of a lost man clinging to the dream of becoming someone”. Amen to that. Head to the venue website here to book your tickets.

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